Protect your Investment.

Redding Medical goes beyond traditional engraving and only uses state-of-the-art technology for the highest quality personalization. Redding offers several forms of engraving for ease of identification if lost or stolen.

We offer engraving on most stethoscopes; such as Littmann, Welch Allyn, ADC, etc.

We use a YAG laser for permanent, computerized engraving for a professional appearance.

You may choose from laser engraving on the stethoscope tubing or on the chestpiece.


Redding Medical has in-house engravers, and we engrave throughout the day, so there is no delay to your order.

Orders received by 2pm Eastern Time are usually shipped the same day.

The engraving process does not affect the warranty on your stethoscope. You may choose the engraving option at the time of ordering.

Return Policy for Engraving:

Please review your selections for accuracy. The engraving preview is meant to display font and spacing only. The font color may vary by chestpiece finish. Engraved items are considered final sale. No Refunds or Exchanges, and are not returnable. If something isn't quite right with your personalized item, give us a call at 410-526-9755.

We offer several font choices. If you do not choose a font, we will choose the Arial Rounded Bold font for you; so as not to slow down your shipment.

Tubing Engraving:

Please note that the color of the laser engraving on the tubing is determined by the tubing color. It is not painted onto the tubing or metal and does not rub off. The engraving results in a goldish-colored text on the tubing. The look is very professional and helps prevent theft. (On the chocolate and burgundy tubing assemblies, the engraving is a black/brown shade and is not very visible and is not recommended)

Chestpiece Engraving:

The text color is dependent on the specific chestpiece. It ranges from a goldish brown to a dark charcoal.

To purchase a stethoscope now, please go to:  https://www.reddingmedical.com/stethoscopes/littmann

Engraving of Existing Stethoscope:

Redding Medical will engrave your Littmann stethoscope that you purchased previously from Redding Medical or from another vendor.

Please call or order online at: https://www.reddingmedical.com/stethoscopes/littmann/engrave-existing-stethoscope

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