Cardionics Electronic Stethoscopes for the hearing impaired. Choose from a variety of E-Scopes, such as Clinical models and hearing impaired stethoscopes with a variety of headset choices.

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  1. 718-0405

    Cardionics Traditional Style Headphone with Volume Control for BTE or ITE Hearing Aids #718-0405

    E-Scope Stethoscope Traditional-Style Headphone #718-0405

    Traditional-style headphone with 3.5mm plug. Worn over the top of the head. Volume control. Works with ITE and BTE hearing aids. For use with the E-Scope 7710 Electronic Stethoscope.

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  2. 718-0415 headphone

    Cardionics Convertible-Style Headphone for E-Scope #718-0415

    Cardionics E-Scope Stethoscope Convertible-Style Headphone #718-0415

    Convertible-style headphone with 3.5mm plug. Headband worn behind the neck. Works with ITE hearing aids and the E-Scope 7710 Electronic Stethoscope.

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  3. 718-7710 without Headphones

    Cardionics E-Scope Hearing Impaired Model #718-7710

    Cardionics E-Scope  Electronic Stethoscope for Hearing Loss #718-7710

    From a faint click to an uncommon S3, the E-Scope stethoscope for ITE hearing aids will help you isolate these varying disorders and empower you like never before. With 64 gain positions, frequency selector, and extraneous noise filtering, heart sounds never sounded so clear. Uses include for pediatrics or neonatology and general clinical use.

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  4. 718-7700

    Cardionics E-Scope Electronic Stethoscope #718-7700

    The E-Scope provides exceptional sound quality for general medical use. Amplification can be increased or decreased. The maximum amplification is about 30 times that of a normal acoustic stethoscope.

    • The E-Scope is one-hand controlled. When activated the E-Scope will stay on for 1.5 to 2 minutes, then automatically turn off. Upon restart, it returns to the prior volume setting.
    • The default is in the heart sound mode, that is, when turned ON, it will turn on in the heart sound mode.
    • The E-Scope has 64 gain positions for fine tuning the volume to the user’s specific requirements.
    • One the side of the E-Scope is a “Sounds Output” port that allows the user to connect to a variety of accessories such as (1) headphones or stethophones for a second listener, (2) a PC or laptop computer, (3) speakers, (4) hearing aid accessories, etc.
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