Our Price Match Guarantee

1: If you find a lower price on an identical item at an authorized retailer and show us proof of that pricing within 7 days of your purchase from Redding Medical,  let us know and we will match the lower price PLUS give you an additional 10% off the lower price.

See the example below:

 2. Can I apply this guarantee to a similar product in a different style, size or color?
No, the item for comparison must be exactly the same style, color and size and you must be able to order the product.
3. Does this guarantee include items that are personalized?
The 110% price match guarantee applies to the total price of an item with personalization.
4. Does this guarantee include reconditioned or refurbished items?
No, the item for comparison must be new and factory sealed. We will not match the price of a reconditioned or refurbished item.
5. Are clearance, closeout, or liquidation sales included in the price match guarantee?
No, pricing on items included in clearance, closeout or liquidation sales do not qualify for the price match guarantee policy.
6. What if I use a coupon at another retailer's site, can I use the price after the coupon is applied for comparison?
7. Are tax, shipping and handling charges included in the prices that are being compared?
Yes, the 110% price guarantee applies to the product prices advertised by Redding Medical and other authorized retailers. It is the Total price that we match.
8. How do I contact Redding Medical to redeem this guarantee?
Contact us via e-mail (sales@reddingmedical.com) or phone (410) 526-9755 within 7 calendar days of your purchase.
9. How will the difference plus 10% be returned to me?
We will apply the credit back to the credit card used on your purchase or send you a check if you purchased with a check.
10. What do I need to do to claim the 110% price match guarantee?
The date of your order and your order number.

For prices advertised online, please provide one of the following:
  • A screenshot of the product page from another authorized retailer's site with the advertised retail price.
  • A screenshot of the shopping cart with the product you want matched that specifies color, size, and availability and shows the URL of the page
For prices advertised in print, please provide the following:
  • An image of the advertisement showing the retail price.
11. When will I get my credit or check?
Upon review and confirmation, we will issue credit back to your credit card or send you a check in the amount of 110% of the price difference.
Please allow 14 days for processing.
12. Redding Medical reserves the right to independently confirm the reported lower price. If we are unable to confirm the lower price, we will be unable to honor the discounted price and the 110% guarantee.
13. Which items qualify for the 110% price match guarantee?
Products sold by Redding Medical, excludes 3M Littmann, Welch Allyn. (The Price Match Guarantee does not include Littmann or Welch Allyn products.)
14. Who is considered an "authorized retailer"?
Any United States based retailer who is authorized by the vendor to sell new, factory-sealed product in the USA. We do not price match resale websites like E-bay, or Amazon. Not valid on any prior purchase. Valid on online offers only.
15. Redding Medical reserves the right to modify or discontinue the price guarantee at any time without notice.
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