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Nonin Flex Sensor #8000J with 25 Wraps

Product Code: 8000J

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Nonin Reusable PureLight® Flex Sensors For Dependable SpO2 Readings

#8000J, Adult Flex Sensor with 25 FlexiWraps (3 ft. / 1 meter)

Nonin Medical's Flex Sensor System combines the convenience and performance of a disposable sensor with the economics of a reusable sensor. The reusable Flex Sensor, made of a durable silicone, is secured with a matching disposable FlexiWrap® adhesive. This hybrid sensor system is ideal for numerous applications including extended monitoring and sleep studies. Available in sizes to fit neonates to adults, the Flex Sensor System is a great value for patient monitoring.

Each sensor is packaged with 25 FlexiWraps (additional packages of 25 may be purchased separately).

Accurate and dependable SpO2 readings start with PureLight sensors.

Nonin Sensors

  • 8000J Sensor + 8000JFW FlexiWrap, Adult

Patient Range: > 20kg (44lbs)

Preferred application: Index, middle or ring fingers

  • 8008J Sensor + 8008JFW FlexiWrap, Infant Flex System 1m

Patient Range: 2 to 20kg (4.4 to 44lbs)
Preferred application: Toe, thumb, medial aspect of hand

  • 8001J Sensor + 8001JFW FlexiWrap, Neonatal Flex System 1m

Patient Range: < 2kg (4lbs)
Preferred application: Lateral aspect of foot


  • Replaceable adhesive FlexiWrap
  • Comfortable for extended monitoring
  • Durable & easy to clean

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