Welch Allyn LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope with Spectacle Mount and Portable Battery Pack  #20500S

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Welch Allyn LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope with Spectacle Mount and Portable Battery Pack #20500S

Product Code: 20500S

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Welch Allyn LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope with Spectacle Mount and Portable Battery Pack #20500S

The Welch Allyn LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope is quite simply the best instrument ever developed for examination of the ears, nose, throat, and other small cavities.
The breakthrough is its unique converging stereoscopic viewing system. Specially configured optics literally converge the user's binocular vision, providing a magnified, three-dimensional view that can be focused into narrow cavities. At the same time, a powerful halogen lamp shines focused light directly on the subject, resulting in a bright, 3D image that provides you with the necessary depth perception for effective examinations and procedures.


  • Adapts optical properties of binocular microscope to converge user’s vision into a magnified, stereoscopic three-dimensional view
  • Directs cool halogen light to the spot for clear 3-D image and accurate depth perception
  • Simple to use, easy to carry and very affordable
  • Two-diopter magnification (1.5x) provides sufficient power for most exams and procedures
  • Siegal insufflation system also provides additional 1.0x magnification when needed
  • Halogen illumination with reflector is brighter, whiter, longer-lasting light compared to incandescent systems
  • IPD controls adjust interpupillary distances between 49 mm and 74 mm
  • Precision-ground optics are specially configured and sealed within a durable shell to converge your stereoscopic vision


  • LumiView™ Portable Binocular Microscope, Spectacle Mount with Portable Battery Pack
  • Reusable Polypropylene Pneumatic, Operating, and Consulting Otoscope Specula, Set of Five
  • Charger Only for Portable Power Source
  • 2 - LumiView Replacement Lamp
  • Rechargeable Battery for LumiView Portable Power Source
  • Also available with Head Mount

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