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Welch Allyn's Spot™ Vision Screener with Carrying Case #VS100S-B

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Welch Allyn's Spot™ Vision Screener with Carrying Case #VS100S-B


  • Supports AAP screening guidelines for early detection of amblyopic risk factors
  • Automated screening provides thorough, objective, and easy-to-understand results
  • Easy to use, easy to implement with minimal user training required
  • Adequately powered for mass screening events
  • Captures readings 97% of the time helping to screen otherwise difficult patients
  • Wireless printing and WiFi-enabled for easy export of data
  • Manual exports available via USB port
  • Uses lights and sounds to help engage children
  • One Year Warranty

  • mc-spot-results-screen

    Accurate detection

    Spot accurately detects the potential indication of these common vision problems:

    • Myopia (nearsightedness)
    • Hyperopia (farsightedness)
    • Astigmatism (blurred vision)
    • Anisometropia (unequal refractive power)
    • Strabismus (eye misalignment)
    • Anisocoria (unequal pupil size)
Measurement Range 
Spherical Equivalent:   -7.50 to +7.50 (increments of 0.25D) 
Cylinder:   0.00 to 3.00; (in + or -, increments of 0.25) 
Axis:   1 to 180 degrees (increments of 1 degree) 
Pupil Size:   4 mm to 9 mm (increments of 0.1 mm) 
Symmetry:   0 to 5 degrees (increments of 1 degree) 
Pupil Distance:   35 mm to 80 mm (increments of 0.1 mm) 

In less than 5 seconds tests for the following:
Astigmatism: irregularly shaped corneas or lenses
Myopia: nearsightedness
Hyperopia: farsightedness
Anisometropia: differences between the two eyes

It also performs a gaze analysis to help detect:
Strabismus: misalignment of the eyes
Amblyopia: lazy eye
Anisocoria: pupil size anomalies

Easy To Implement 
• Minimal training 
• For ages 6 months to adult 
Provides Consistent Objective Results 
• Definitive results in seconds 
• Unifies screening thresholds for all district locations 
High Value For Parents 
• Meaningful results help parents understand vision issues 
• Encourages follow-up to eye care specialists 
Complete Support 
• Complete product support staff 
WiFi connectivity 
• Allows data transfer and printing

Includes: 1 year manufacturer warranty and carrying case.

Spot™ is a specialized piece of equipment and is Not Returnable. 

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