Littmann Stethoscope Model 3200/Zargis Cardioscan

Software Design Innovation award for the 3M healthcare corp. Finalist for prestigious Edison Award

3M and Zargis Medical Corp. announced that the 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 (Littmann Model 3200) and the Zargis Cardioscan™ software recently received two industry awards for design and innovation: the “red dot: best of the best” award for product design, given by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, an internationally known design institution located in Essen, Germany, and the Medical Design Excellence Award, sponsored by Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MD&DI) magazine.

The novel stethoscope/software system, which was named 2009 Popular Science “Innovation of the Year”, is also a finalist in the Electronics and Computers category for the prestigious Edison Award, given to companies with products that drive innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. “It’s an honor that the Littmann Model 3200/Zargis Cardioscan system continues to be recognized by the industry for its innovative technology and design,” said Ingrid Blair, global business manager, 3M Infection Prevention Division. Through the use of Bluetooth® technology and algorithmic computing, the Littmann Model 3200 and Zargis Cardioscan system is changing the way physicians approach auscultation and the interpretation of biological and physiological sounds.

The Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA) recognizes contributions and advances in the design of medical products. Entries are evaluated on the basis of their design and engineering features, including innovative use of materials, user-related functions that improve healthcare delivery and change traditional medical attitudes or practices, enhanced benefits to the patient, and ability to edtend medical product development.

The Littmann Model 3200 and Zargis Cardioscan system was launched in 2009 as the first electronic stethoscope featuring Bluetooth technology, which wirelessly transfers heart, lung and other body sounds from the stethoscope chest piece to Zargis Cardioscan or Zargis StethAssist™ software. The stethoscope and Cardioscan software combination is designed to help clinicians identify suspected heart murmurs and differentiate between those that should be referred for echocardiography and those that should not, based on guidelines issued jointly by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. Based on the software analysis and doctors' assessment, physicians can choose to refer patients for a definitive echocardiogram test.

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About Zargis Medical Corp.

Zargis is a global medical device company focused on improving health outcomes and cost-effectiveness through diagnostic support software and innovation. Zargis is majority-owned by Speedus Corp. (NASDAQ: SPDE), and both 3M Company (NYSE: MMM) and Siemens Corporate Research, a division of Siemens AG (NYSE: SI), hold equity positions.

About Redding Medical Inc.

Redding Medical has been in business since 1975 and is a distributor of 3M Littmann stethoscopes and the Cardioscan software.