Dickies Medical Scrubs: Versatility, Style, Selection

Dickies clothing has always been known as the last word in workwear, and just a few years after initially introducing their line of clothing for medical professionals, they are already a favorite of nurses and doctors everywhere.

Here's why: Dickies Medical Scrubs combine the attention to detail and quality that all Dickies clothing has become known for with a brand new idea in medical scrubs: Style! For years, nurses everywhere have had few options in their workwear. Nursing uniforms were shapeless garments, drawstring or elastic only, with few variations in colors and prints regardless of manufacturer. The V-Neck top and the loose fitting scrub pant seemed to be about as far as scrubs were going to go. Not anymore!

Dickies has introduced several exciting lines in fashion medical scrubs- many of which have become instant classics! For example, the revolutionary Hip Flip Collection. The Dickies Hip Flip Boot Cut Pant and Cargo Flare Pant come in fun colors that are great to mix and match. The unique “hip flip” waistband can be worn up, or flipped down for a pant that fits perfect lower on the hip. The flare leg and cargo pants are designed to actually fit your body so they are more comfortable and wear better than traditional scrubs, while still presenting a neat and professional appearance.

Medical scrubs are also known having limited and not particularly fashionable prints, but this is another area where Dickies Scrubs are so different! You can shop for over 40 currently available prints in Dickies Medical Scrubs. Each print is specifically designed with nurses in mind. These prints are made for today's nurses with fun graphics, beautiful colors, and the newest styles, including Asian and Hawaiian print tops. Dickies Nursing uniforms are designed to be mixed and matched, and each print top coordinates with lots of the great Dickies pant colors.

Dickies provides variety in colors and prints, as well as some great new fits that will flatter any figure, but what's more, Dickies Medical Scrubs are designed for quality and long wear. Medical scrubs have to be well constructed and comfortable for the long hours and strenuous work that nurses do. Dickies understands these needs and tailors all of their scrubs to be up to the challenge. Each garment has double bar tacks at all pressure points, reinforced seams, and a special long wearing cotton/poplin blend in most garments to make sure that your scrubs work as hard as you do.

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