Certainty Antimicrobial Protection

Apr 27, 2015 2:30:30 PM

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Dickies EDS

Feb 4, 2014 10:09:23 PM

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HeartSoul Scrubs

Jan 8, 2014 9:40:37 PM

Heartsoul Scrubs at Redding Medical 



Click on the catalog below to view the collections in PDF format:


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If you don’t have to wear a plain uniform, you’re faced with a sea of color choices and style options when you go scrubs shopping. Do you ever get confused about what goes with what?

We’re here to help you not only match your scrubs outfits, but we’re taking it a step further.

Consider this: The colors you wear can affect your mood and that of those around you.

Put the science of “color therapy” into practical use for your next scrubs shopping trip:

1. Sunny yellow.

DO wear white with a bright yellow top if you’re looking for a really fresh look. Yellow is considered a very energizing color that summons sunlight and optimism—maybe just what you’re looking for when you’ve got a long shift ahead of you!

DON’T mix too many bright colors. If you wear yellow, especially if it’s a brighter shade, you might want to make sure the other part of your scrubs outfit is a bit more muted in color, such as a dark green. And be sure not to confuse ‘sunny’ yellow with ‘caution’ yellow!

2. True blue.

DO treat blue scrub bottoms like a pair of jeans when choosing a top—there are so many fun colors that will look fantastic! Lighter shades of green and violet look terrific with darker blue scrub pants, and if you’re really into orange, wear a top of that color with blue scrub pants. Blue is identified with calmness—perhaps a perfect color to wear on a busy day.

DON’T go for just any orange colored top to match with your blue pants. While deep orange adds excitement, bright orange can look cheap.

3. Basic black.

DO wear black scrub pants or tops. You can never go wrong with any other color you choose to go with them. One of the trends in fashion this season is pairing black with colors such as purple, gray, bright green or bright blue.

DON’T, however, earn yourself the monicker ‘goth nurse.’ Wearing too much black day in and day out can look empty and depressing to the nurses and patients around you.

4. Green with envy.

DO add green to your wardrobe. Green is associated with growth, vitality and openness and can positively affect those around you. Good options to wear with bright green include brown, dark blue and more muted shades of red.

DON’T choose too many earthy tones as they can be associated with melancholy. Warm shades of brown encourage closeness.

5. Red hot.

DO try a rosy red, soft pink, or violet for a scrubs top as these colors have a calming effect and are easy to match. With stronger reds, you may want to try lighter colors with it, such as light blue, light green or light yellow.

DON’T go for a highly saturated blue-red since it can be disturbing in large amounts and possibly increase anger.

6. Which white is right?

DO embrace a white uniform as it often signals crisp, clean professionalism to your patients. White also imparts purity and brightness of spirit.

DON’T buy a uniform that is blue-white as it can look sterile instead of inviting.

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Fall Sale save 20%

Oct 23, 2012 10:11:46 PM

Save 20% on all Scrubs

Save 20% on all Scrubs
Use code fall20 at checkout

offer expires 10/31/12

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Cherokee Top 5 Scrubs Trends

Jun 8, 2012 5:26:47 PM

Cherokee Scrubs Top 5 Trends for Late Summer/Early Fall

  1. World Adventure Collection - Hot on the heels of the Oscar award winning movie, “Slumdog Millionaire” our World Adventure Collection goes to India this innovative, exciting and unique to our industry and our Hello Bali print, featured in this silhouette, sports the newest print mixing trend.

  2. Pleat It! Collection - Distinctive, elegant, yet subtle: the soft Neckline Pleats and a contrasting saddle stitched ribbon on the empire waist of this mock wrap top, create this exciting sophisticated new look.

  3. Studio B Flex Appeal - The comfort and ease of flex gets dramatic with the introduction of Wathercolor Whimsey, and Geo Garden prints. The contrast of saturated deep, dark, intense colors mixed together with black and brights makes a statement all its own.

  4. Cherokee Body - Cherokee Body’s wonderful, new stretch fabrication comes to bloom with our new Tulip Toss print. The black and white story done on a pink background makes this understated print a classic.

  5. Baby Phat Animalier Collection - Introducing “Burn-out“, a chemical process that creates the illusion of a raised design on the fabrics surface and brings new depth to our beautiful Animalier Burn Out Collection. The sweetheart neckline adds a touch of femininity. The contoured wrap waist accentuates the slimiest part of a woman’s body, and the added lining in the front makes this a great top for all sizes.
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Scrubs Mag for Nurses

Jun 8, 2012 5:26:09 PM

Scrubs Mag: The Nurses Guide to Good Living

Cherokee Uniforms is pleased to introduce a new website that is dedicated to the personal and professional lives of nurses and the very specific joys and challenges they face. The website,, offers career advice from nurses and nurse recruiters, inspirational stories, fun awards that nurses can send to friends, exclusive articles such as md vs. rn and our "how to deal" compendium of ideas for new nurses, beauty and scrubs fashion tips, relationship advice and much more - all researched and shaped with nurses in mind.

The site will feature current hot topics news articles like this month’s “What Nurses Can Tell Patients About Swine Flu” to read more about this public health safety resource here.

Please take a moment to browse through What Nurses Can Tell Patients About Swine Flu (N1H1 Virus)

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Landau Medical Scrubs

Jun 8, 2012 12:05:45 PM

Landau Medical Uniforms - A Breif History

Landau Medical Uniforms is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers for the health care industry. Known for their durability and variety in print and basic uniforms, Landau keeps you in style at a price you can afford. As the first manufacturer of scrubs to introduce their uniforms in fashion-focused colors, Landau Uniforms has been able to maintain their commitment to high quality and offer a wide selection of medical uniforms for both men and women. Because Landau is dedicated to the needs of nursing and medical professionals, they’ve answered the call for comfortable footwear, and now offer nursing shoes for women. As always, Landau offers premium scrubs in comfortable fabrics with a price that won’t break your budget.

 Landau’s mission is to build long term relationships with its customers based on integrity and a dedication to excellence. Known for their durability and variety of prints and colors, Landau keeps you in style at an affordable price. They continue to grow and strive for the newest styles, fabrics, and trends for all of your uniform needs.

Landau Medical Uniforms began in 1938 by selling workman’s uniforms to service station and garage employees. Gradually the business began manufacturing uniforms and basic lab coats with five seamstresses sewing in their retail store. In the 1980’s, Landau was the first manufacturer to introduce scrubs in a large variety of colors and prints, creating a new market for the healthcare industry. They continue to maintain their commitment to high quality and offer a wide selection of medical scrubs for men and women.

Our Landau collection offers something for everyone. For professionalism at its finest, you are sure to love the new Men’s line by Landau. The solid color scrub top with contrasting trim is available in 5 colors. It provides a very stylish alternative to one color scrubs for men. Landau continues to provide print tops in trendy patterns and styles, as well as basic Pull-on scrub pants, V-neck scrub tops, and Warm-ups in fresh fashion-focused colors. Don’t forget that they also offer a scrub collection especially for juniors – called the FX line.

Redding Medical is excited to provide your medical equipment and scrub needs at a very affordable price – AND with excellent customer service. Redding has been serving the medical community since 1975.

Whether you are looking for unique print tops, basic warm-ups, or durable nursing shoes, Landau and Redding Medical provide you with premium scrubs and shoes at a price that won’t break your budget.

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Care Instructions for Scrubs

Jun 8, 2012 12:05:09 PM

Clean and Care Instructions for Scrubs and Uniforms

Some of you may have the option of a laundry facility where you work. Others of you may not be so lucky, or you may worry about your uniform being damaged or lost in the process. A new study published this year can help inform you on the proper way to wash your scrubs so you can free them of organisms (specific to the study, Staphylococcus aureus) and keep their great color. Below are basic guidelines you should follow when laundering your work clothes.

1. Rinse your scrubs in cold water to get rid of caked on solids
Getting rid of large amounts of debris in a pre-wash will keep the dirt, blood or whatever is on your uniform from circulating throughout the entire wash.

2. Wash your scrubs in hot or warm water
Washing is important in diluting organisms while soaps and detergents help loosen the debris. Using hot water will help kill bacteria as well as get stains out. Washing in water that is at least 130 degrees for at least ten minutes will ensure your uniforms are free of Staph. aureus.

3. Tumble Dry your uniforms
Tumble drying your scrubs for at least 30 minutes may not be the most energy efficient, but it’s proven to lower the viable bacteria on your uniforms as heat helps destroy micro-organisms

4. Iron your scrubs
By the same logic, the heat from the iron will also help lower the pathogens that may lie in your scrubs. The most effective way to ensure your uniforms are clean? Tumble dry AND iron all your work clothes. In the study, this was the only method that left zero viable bacteria after washing.

5. Use ¼ - ½ cup of vinegar if you’re uniforms have developed an odor
Vinegar has long been known to help eliminate odor from clothes and is gentle enough that it won’t hurt your fabrics.

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Dickies Medical Scrubs

Jun 8, 2012 12:04:45 PM

Dickies Medical Scrubs: Versatility, Style, Selection

Dickies clothing has always been known as the last word in workwear, and just a few years after initially introducing their line of clothing for medical professionals, they are already a favorite of nurses and doctors everywhere.

Here's why: Dickies Medical Scrubs combine the attention to detail and quality that all Dickies clothing has become known for with a brand new idea in medical scrubs: Style! For years, nurses everywhere have had few options in their workwear. Nursing uniforms were shapeless garments, drawstring or elastic only, with few variations in colors and prints regardless of manufacturer. The V-Neck top and the loose fitting scrub pant seemed to be about as far as scrubs were going to go. Not anymore!

Dickies has introduced several exciting lines in fashion medical scrubs- many of which have become instant classics! For example, the revolutionary Hip Flip Collection. The Dickies Hip Flip Boot Cut Pant and Cargo Flare Pant come in fun colors that are great to mix and match. The unique “hip flip” waistband can be worn up, or flipped down for a pant that fits perfect lower on the hip. The flare leg and cargo pants are designed to actually fit your body so they are more comfortable and wear better than traditional scrubs, while still presenting a neat and professional appearance.

Medical scrubs are also known having limited and not particularly fashionable prints, but this is another area where Dickies Scrubs are so different! You can shop for over 40 currently available prints in Dickies Medical Scrubs. Each print is specifically designed with nurses in mind. These prints are made for today's nurses with fun graphics, beautiful colors, and the newest styles, including Asian and Hawaiian print tops. Dickies Nursing uniforms are designed to be mixed and matched, and each print top coordinates with lots of the great Dickies pant colors.

Dickies provides variety in colors and prints, as well as some great new fits that will flatter any figure, but what's more, Dickies Medical Scrubs are designed for quality and long wear. Medical scrubs have to be well constructed and comfortable for the long hours and strenuous work that nurses do. Dickies understands these needs and tailors all of their scrubs to be up to the challenge. Each garment has double bar tacks at all pressure points, reinforced seams, and a special long wearing cotton/poplin blend in most garments to make sure that your scrubs work as hard as you do.

For all your Dickies Medical Scrub needs, check out Just because you need a high quality stylish scrub withspine support doesn't mean that you should have to pay more. Dickies Medical Scrubs at is where we combine Customer Service with low cost medical scrubs.

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