COVID-19 Update

Apr 1, 2020 10:20:40 PM

To all the health care workers — doctors, nurses, technicians, medical staff, administrators, food service workers, pharmacists, security guards, our military deployed to set up hospitals and deliver aid — our nation owes you our thanks.

Update on Redding Medical retail store operations:
To better serve our customers and promote a safe and healthy workplace for our associates, we’re taking the following actions in our retail store.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – We’re promoting the practice of social and physical distancing in our store. As a result, 5 customers are allowed inside at any given time. No Groups of customers are permitted, please limit to 1 person per party.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY – Due to restraints on our supply chain, product inventory fluctuates daily, even on an hourly basis. We are working hard with our suppliers to keep products in stock and ready to ship. If there is an issue with your order will contact you during business hours M-F 9am-5pm EST. If you have a questions or concern call us at 410 526-9755

FREE STORE PICKUP – Items are eligible for free store pickup, and many can be ready within a few hours. Due to the high volume of orders being processed, pickup times may be delayed in some cases. Please wait to receive an email or phone call notification before going to the store to pick up your order.

SHIPPING PARTNERS – If a package is on the way to your home or business and circumstances have changed, there are several options available to update your delivery.  Register for FedEx Delivery Manager to request delivery to an alternate location, leave detailed delivery instructions for your FedEx driver, or place a temporary delivery hold on your deliveries for up to 14 days. You may also contact FedEx Customer Support with your tracking number or door tag number for assistance with redirecting a package. In the event a business is closed, we will follow our current operating procedures to attempt to complete delivery at a later time. As mentioned above, Hold at Location/Redirect to Hold, Re-route and Return to Shipper are additional options.  Requests for Hold at Location/Redirect to Hold, Re-route and Return to Shipper may experience delays in areas where shelter in place orders are in effect due to significant backlogs of undeliverable shipments.

Be sure to visit for daily updates on store updates, order processing and shipping information.

Working together, we will meet this challenge to our community.

Matthew Redding
Redding Medical Inc.

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Mar 18, 2020 10:11:03 PM


To Our Valued Customers:

At Redding Medical, our customers are family. And like our family, during these extraordinary times we are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

We have activated our preparedness plan, continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation and are closely following the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines and recommendations on the steps we need to take to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We are encouraging our associates to follow the CDC guidelines to protect themselves, their team members and customers and we have taken numerous steps to ensure we can remain open and continue to serve you:


1.Cleaning all high touch areas such as checkout areas, credit card machines, door handles, waiting areas, desktops, countertops, keyboards and telephones.

2. Advising our employees to suspend handshakes and physical contact with fellow employees and customers.

3. Partnering with our suppliers to replenish high-demand preparedness products. Certain products may show out of stock on our websites but please visit our retail location or call us at 410 526-9755 to inquire about availability.

4. Our retail stores are open. We will continue to evaluate conditions on a market by market basis, but our goal is to remain open so that we can provide you the items that you need.


Visit for daily updates on store updates, order processing and shipping information.

Working together, we will meet this challenge to our community.


Matthew Redding

President Redding Medical Inc.

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New Redding Medical Site

Oct 1, 2012 4:38:03 PM

Reisterstown, MD – October 1, 2012—Redding Medical, a leading medical equipment and scrub retailer, announced today the redesign and launch of its website at

The primary reason for the redesign was to provide greater functionality for their customers with product videos and documentation and live scrub feeds.

The site provides in-depth information about Redding's product line of stethoscopes, blood pressure units, scales, scrubs and medical diagnostic equipment.. The blog, which is regularly updated, is a popular feature of the site which highlights the latest in Stethoscope, Scrubs and Medical Equipment.

According to Sharon Shipe, CEO of Redding , “As we celebrate over 37 years of service to the health care field, we realize Redding Medical has grown to meet the demands of the medical professional by being committed to providing the highest quality, name-brand healthcare products at guaranteed low prices."



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Starting With Hand Hygiene Practices Facilities in New Hand Hygiene Project See Compliance Increase From 48% to 81%

U.S. healthcare facilities are grossly underperformingin hand hygiene compliance, which could impact healthcare-associated infections and patient safety,said two of the world's foremost experts on infection prevention and hand hygiene.
Speaking last week before more than 200 healthcare leaders at a hand hygiene forum organized byLoyola University Medical Center and Medline Industries, Inc., at Loyola's Strich School of Medicine inMaywood, Ill., Professor Didier Pittet, MD, director of the infection control program at the University ofGeneva, Switzerland, and Mark R. Chassin, MD, FACP, MPP, MPH, president of The Joint Commission,cited time constraints, product misconceptions and faulty data as main reasons for the country's poorhand hygiene compliance, but also offered hope for improvement. 
The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare tackled the issue of hand hygiene compliance as its first project, according to Dr. Chassin. The participating organizations were surprised to learn that their rate of hand hygienecompliance averaged 48 percent.
"These healthcare organizations had the courage to step forward to tackle the problem of hand washingby digging deep to find out where the breakdowns were taking place so we could create targetedsolutions," Dr. Chassin said. "We are very optimistic since the original facilities participating in theproject have seen their average compliance increase to 81 percent and have sustained that level for 10months."

Time Constraints for Hand Hygiene

Other reasons for poor compliance, according to Dr. Pittet, is lack of time by healthcare workers toperform hand hygiene and misinformation on what type of product is most effective -- soap and water,alcohol-based hand sanitizers or foams.
"The problem with soap and water is that it takes anywhere from one to one-and-a-half minutes toperform proper hand hygiene. If workers wash their hands 15-20 times in an hour, that would takeabout half an hour, which is totally unrealistic. Also, after several washings, your hands will become dryand chapped," said Dr. Pittet. "Alcohol-based hand rubs take only 15-30 seconds, they're also moreeffective than soap and water, better for your hands and more convenient because you can carry themaround with you."

Need for higher percentage alcohol to increase effectiveness

Dr. Pittet, a member of the Advisory Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) World Alliance forPatient Safety, also emphasized that there is no evidence in the current published literature thatsupports the effectiveness for foam-based <a href="">hand hygiene consumer medical products</a>. However, he strongly suggests usingalcohol-based hand rubs with at least 80 percent ethanol -- a significantly higher percentage than 62percent ethanol, commonly used by U.S. facilities, which is at the low end of the CDC recommendation.

"It's hard to believe that there have been so many products that have been used in the United Statesthat will never pass the European norms, So some of the products that you are using inthe United States have not made it to the European market, because they just don't meet the norms."

Center for Transforming Healthcare hand hygiene solutions now available

According to Dr. Chassin, the solutions developed by the original organizations participating in theCenter for Transforming Healthcare's hand hygiene project are now available via the Center's TargetedSolutions Tool™ (TST), a complimentary data-driven application. The solutions are validated andcustomized to address an organization's particular barriers to excellent performance. Use of the tool isself-paced, confidential, and offers instantaneous data analysis.
Dr. Chassin said the good news is that more healthcare facilities are focusing major efforts on handhygiene compliance. He cited that more than 1,500 projects at 900 organizations are now using theCenter for Transforming Healthcare's hand hygiene TST.

About the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare

Established in 2009, the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare aims to transformAmerican healthcare into a high-reliability industry that ensures patients receive the safest, highestquality care they expect and deserve. The Center's participants -- the nation's leading hospitals andhealth systems -- use a proven, systematic approach to analyze specific breakdowns in care anddiscover their underlying causes to develop targeted solutions for healthcare's most critical safety andquality problems. The Center is a not-for-profit affiliate of The Joint Commission, which shares theCenter's proven effective solutions with its more than 18,000 accredited healthcare organizations. Learnmore about the Center at <a href=""></a>


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