3M™ Littmann® Counterfit Watch

It has come to our attention that counterfeit stethoscopes bearing the Littmann brand are being sold in the USA. While available at a lower cost than the genuine products, these stethoscopes deliver correspondingly poor performance.

To help clinicians be sure they are obtaining a genuine Littmann Stethoscope, all acoustic (non-electronic) stethoscopes with a 2007 lot code (or later) will carry a 3M Confirm™ Authentication Label with Floating Image Technology. This security label will be placed on the underside of every
primary box. (Also on the underside can be found the lot code sticker.)

The 3M Confirm label can be viewed best with a viewing tool, such as a doctor's ophthalmoscope or a light source held against the temple of the viewer. Such a tool is, however, not necessary. Either way, the viewer will see an image that appears to "float" above or "sink" below the surface of the label and then disappear as the viewing angle changes. Dramatic movement of the image is easy to detect and recognize using only the human eye, enabling quick and easy authentication that proves the label and product are genuine.

3M stresses the importance of only purchasing Littmann brand stethoscopes from 3M authorized distributors. Should you have any questions about the authenticity of any Littmann Stethoscope, please contact 3M immediately.